“Arteta” is frightened, the younger generation of Pike announces retirement from the industry

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Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta has admitted news of Gerard Pique’s retirement from Barcelona over the weekend against Almeria. y.) Why did he surprise him so suddenly? because it is believe to be world-class.

At the age of 35 , Pique tweeted on his personal account yesterday that he would like to end his career as a professional player only to focus on his new interests. new chapter of life with a final blow in front of the Gule disciples in Spotify Camp Nou.

Of course, as a senior student of the La Masia Institute, a few generations ago , Arteta could not resist seeing the quality in the Spanish defender still carrying his body for many years.

” I just found out ( Pique retired ) – if I’m not mistaken, it’s you journalists who told me about it, ” he said after the Europa League clash in the Group Stage ‘s 1-0 win over  FC Zurich.

“ That guy has an amazing career path , personality traits , great personality. ”

“ Creating many outstanding achievements for the football industry … from now on, everyone must think of Pike because personally, I see Nong Man as a world – class player ufabet. ”  

Pique continues to suffer from injuries. including family problems and must take care of the sports activities that he is a promoter Resulting in the field this season, starting 5 of 9 games , last 90 minutes, helping the team to beat Victoria Pilsen 4-2 on Tuesday.