Tips to “write eyeliner” for beginners

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Hello, Hello! Greetings to all my dear Sis girls. They must be relying on the power of makeup to help each other, right ??? Then one of the makeup steps that can help make your eyes look bigger, bigger and more striking. It is to write “eyeliner” to make the eyeliner look clearer, sure enough. But for those who are new to makeup or are not good at writing eyeliners, they may face uneven, thick, thin eyeliner problems, or write eyeliner and mess up like a panda Or a choppy eye line that doesn’t look smooth

But don’t just crack and throw the eyeliner stick, please go into the trash first. Today we will invite you to a makeup lesson 101 by collecting 7 “writing eyeliner” tips for beginners. Just follow the directions that we have mentioned, it will help you write eyeliner easier, not messy and get a complete look with beautiful eyes.

1. Eeach eyeliner has advantages / disadvantages

Starting with eyeliner pencil“, it can be called a basic item for those who want to try out some eyeliners. Because a pencil eyeliner can easily line the eyes than other eyeliners. Ideal for applying to the inner lashes of both the upper and lower lash lines for a smoky eye look. But secretly, there is a disadvantage that the product may not be as soft and smooth as a gel or liquid eyeliner, sure enough.

The gel eyeliner is a very popular eyeliner. Gel eyeliner usually comes in a jar packaging and requires an eyeliner brush to draw the eyeliner. The eyeliner has a creamy texture. But when dry, it gives a matte finish It is very suitable for cat eyes makeup.

And “liquid eyeliner” is the right eyeliner for people who want a sharp, beautiful eye look. Because liquid eyeliner comes in a pen form with a tapered brush head. So I can draw the contour of the eyes as smooth as I want. But if you don’t wait for the eyeliner to set properly, there is a risk of messing up.

2 Find a suitable seat. And a table for placing elbows to prevent shaking hands

Have you ever had the same experience ?! When will I start writing eyeliner? Even if using the right hand, it still shakes It’s like an earthquake. This event is for anyone who thinks that they are not good at makeup yet. Or a beginner just starting to write eyeliner Instead of bringing a hundred of confidence and raising your hand to chill out eyeliner. Until you get a risky, shrug or messy eye contour, it is advisable to find a suitable seat And a table of a good height In order to sit firmly and be able to place your elbows on the table while writing eyeliner. This will also reduce the trembling hand tremors and allow her to ทางเข้า ufabet

3. Make eyeliner smoother as well

When looking at the eyeliner writing techniques of famous bloggers or makeup artists, do women feel the same as when they do it, it looks so easy to write? But when it comes time for myself to try and follow Instead, the two eyes are not equal. Wait, the edge of one eye is thick, some, some short, some long, but don’t worry. When she is not yet promoting To the point of dragging the eyeliner once and then it comes out beautiful. I try to start with a point or draw a dotted line along the edge of the eye. To define the eyeliner line first Then gradually Write eyeliner along those lines. This is the problem with uneven eyeliners.

4. Do not be impatient… should start writing a thin eyeliner

Regardless of any part of makeup, including foundation, eyeshadow, blush-on, lipstick, or eyeliner, let the girls memorize that. “Start a little, and everything will be fine!” Like eyeliner, if you start out with thick eyeliners. When looking in the mirror to check the exactness and see that the line is too thick It takes time to sit and use makeup remover, erase and rewrite it, maybe erase until mess up and have to start over makeup all over again. So we would like to reiterate strongly. Once again, let the sister start writing a thin eyeliner. As close to the eyes as possible first. If you want to look sharp eyes or eyes look a little more slowly increase the thickness of the liner after it is super safe.

5. Write eyeliner winks the eye along the lower lashes

In addition to the process of writing eyeliner to smooth and evenly smooth lines. It will be a difficult and exciting process that you will have to write it forward. Another step that makes the heart throbbing just as well is the eye-opening wing that looks absolutely beautiful. Because we know that the girls Many people who have tried to write eyeliner. He might have fallen to death because the tail of his eyes were too long. Write the tail of the eye, mess some. Write for different eyes on both sides. And if anyone has a problem, do not know how long to wink for the eyes? Or write the corner of the eye, high-low, which angle is good? Just be aware that the best angle for winking the eyeliner is to draw a line along the lower lash line. Which may use the method to draw the eye contour first When you are confident, you can use the eyeliner to fill the outline later. 

6 Don’t pull your skin taut while writing. It is better to use eyeliner

I try to notice myself that when she wrote eyeliner. Did you accidentally pull your fingers on the temples until they are taut automatically ??? Ah, we have to ask like this because there are many girls who think for themselves Pulling the outer corner of the eye tightly makes it easier to write eyeliner and get a more polished look, but actually, when you remove your finger, it becomes clear that the eyeliner has it. It looks creased and creased until the eye lash line does not look evenly smooth instead. It is best to use the little finger of the hand holding the eyeliner stick or eyeliner brush. Place supports on the face to increase stability. And make the line of eyeliner smoother would be better. 

7 If the eyeliner is sloppy, it can be covered with concealer

Regardless of whether a young sister is a beginner, she just started writing eyeliner. Or is someone who has good makeup as an expert They have the opportunity to make a mistake in the eyeliner until the eyeliner is messed with a black stain. All of them But if the eyeliner is just a little messed up, then there’s no need to waste time using makeup remover to put on cotton or cotton buds. Then bring the stains away, recommend that you try using a brush to touch the concealer very much to remove the mess. It helps the eyeliner stains look faded until you can not see it. Tell me that the technique of using concealer to remove stains, eyeliner mess. It’s easy and saves a lot of makeup time too.

How are you doing ??? After shedding the secret of “writing eyeliner”For beginners, until all 7 points are completed, the girls will probably change their minds and feel that writing eyeliner to be beautiful, do not be afraid to shade, it is not difficult anymore Because just choose the type of eyeliner that suits you and your desired eye makeup look. Start by writing a point to define the eyeliner line first. Followed by writing a thin line of eyeliner as this will easily add power to your eyes to look big, sharp and charming ^^