The problem of wrinkles, The Ways to Prevent Wrinkles

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In addition to the beautiful world with our hands The face can also be beautiful with our hands as well. Do you know that the facial massage on the spot on a regular basis? It can help the problem of withered The face can sag as well. Which today we have compiled Facial massage tips Deal with the problem of wrinkles Sagging face By yourself to leave each other friends, where is the problem? Where do you want to fix? Can jot down tips and use them

Tips to solve the problem of wrinkles The face is wrinkled by yourself, plus easy to do every day at home.

Facial skin problems with wrinkles

Wrinkles can be dealt with in the refrigerator, such as egg whites. By using egg whites to massage all over the face Then let it dry After that, rinse with warm water. It will help make the skin look soft and stretchy ยูฟ่าเบท.

Double chin wattle problem

Using our fingertips, gently press on the face from the chin to our cheeks. After that, use the new nipple and massage with fingertips all over. Then gently pulls the surface of the cheeks up Continue with the palm of your hand to gently press or pat the bottom chin. Expelled to the tip of the ear

Cheek wrinkles problem

This problem is gently massaged with your fingers. Rubbed from the deep mark Between the cheeks Massage and rub from bottom to top. Starting from the corner of the mouth Go up slowly To the tip of both nostrils

Wrinkled forehead problem

Use your fingers to gently massage from above the eyebrows up to the hair slopes. And use the massage method to follow the wrinkles Using the method of pressing down indefinitely From the center of the forehead, go sideways at the temples.

Swollen eyelids

Place your index finger on the area of ​​the eye. Gradually after Move the tip of the index finger while pressing down lightly. Passes from the top of the eye to the outer corner of the eye By that time, let your eyes move a little No need to close your eyes

Bags under the eyes

Press the tip of our index finger onto the bag under the eyes lightly. After that, give a gentle massage. From the head of the eyes to the temples By this position, do about 10-15 times.

The problem of wrinkles, crow’s feet

Use the tip of our index finger to roll and massage gently. Loop around the area on the tail of the crow’s feet for 10-20 seconds, repeating 3 times.

In all poses, not just one move and it will see results. Let us keep doing Until it becomes normal It will reduce wrinkles. As well as reduce the chance of future wrinkles. Do at least 3-5 minutes each position in conjunction with taking good care of yourself such as drinking water. Get enough sleep Eat good food together with just this, I will tell you that it is absolutely perfect.